About Me.

Hello. I am Kate Karo.

I am an Austin, Texas based Functional Nutritionist and trained professional chef. The journey that led me to fully understand the healing power of food as medicine was a result of my own health crisis. With sixteen years in the restaurant industry, I was no stranger to an 80 hour work week. In 2007, I became unwell and sought answers from my primary care provider. In short, after two frustrating, demoralizing and exhausting years, my primary care physician offered only one solution: a refillable prescription for extra strength anti-inflammatories  and anti-depressants. I made a decision in the elevator of the hospital that day, prescription in hand, that forever changed the trajectory of my health and life. I decided in that moment to seek the root cause of my symptoms with integrative and alternative practitioners. My truth came from working with a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She was able to piece together my complex health puzzle and to reveal that I was suffering from a numerous amount of food and environmental sensitivities, adrenal  fatigue, mineral imbalances, impaired digestion and an autoimmune disease (celiac). Working with her literally saved my life. So naturally, because my health had become revolutionized by Nutritional Therapy, I joined the Nutritional Therapy Association in 2010.  


The education I received at the Nutritional Therapy Association was phenomenal and ignited a spark in me to help advocate for and educate others. With the advanced functional testing techniques taught to my by the NTA, paired with my extensive professional cooking background, I have found my life's true passion.  I absolutely love partnering with my clients to solve their health puzzles and to educate them on how fuel their bodies for their health goals and  bio-individual needs. 


What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional nutrition is a holistic practice which strongly believes that the body has innate wisdom to heal itself, when given the right building blocks. Functional Nutrition Practitioners are highly skilled at identifying potential stressors, correcting imbalances, and providing education about nutrient-dense real foods to promote healing. Functional Nutritionists take into account each clients history, biochemistry, toxic burden, and lifestyle, to create a therapeutic care plan that is tailored just for them.

  • Do you suffer from insomnia? Do you wake up at 2 am and have problems getting back to sleep because you mind is racing? A good sleep hygiene routine is a vital to a your physical and mental health. I can help by identifying the underlying stressors, imbalances, and creating supportive therapies to help you achieve restorative sleep. 


  • 80% of disease is related to chronic dehydration. I will teach you ways to incorporate basic hydration techniques to support your immune, adrenal, cognitive and detox pathways.


  • Digestion is not only what you eat, but also what your body is able to assimilate and  absorb. Do you suffer from acid reflux, heartburn, or indigestion? Did you have to get  gallbladder removed? Are you constipated, or have to stay close to a toilet shortly after meals? Do you suffer from frequent migraines? I can help. We will work together to discover the root-cause of your digestive symptoms, and construct a therapeutic care plan tailored specifically for you and your lifestyle.


  • Fat is BAD, unless its good fat, then fat is... good? Are you confused yet? Do you suffer from high cholesterol? Hypoglycemia? Mood disorders? Sleep disturbances? Low libido? Unbalanced hormones? I can help you navigate the world of fats, and re-frame which are harmful and which fats are actually healthy for you. 

    Healthy Fats.

  •  Studies have found that engaging in just 30 minutes of light exercise, three times per week has profound health benefits ranging  from: improved mood, better digestion, increased libido (yeah!), improved cognitive function, lower blood pressure and better sleep.


  • Do you get "hangry" (hungry and angry), waiting too long in between meals? Does your energy bottom out between 2-3 pm? Do you wake up a couple of hours after you go to sleep, and are not really sure why? I can help. We will work together to construct a bio-individual care plan to balance you blood sugar and give you consistent energy throughout the day.

    Blood Sugar.

  • Minerals are the "spark plugs" of life. With our fast paced lives, we are often burning through some of our key minerals faster than we can replenish them. I can help create a holistic mineral balancing care plan targeted specifically for you and your lifestyle. Balancing your mineral profile will re-ignite your spark and restore your energy and vitality!


  • Put simply, don't let your mood determine your food. Our health is made up of not only what we physically consume, but also our experiences and our emotions. If you are living your life holding on to anger, fear, or sadness; you are directly affecting your health and how you relate to the world. If you suffer from a mood disorder, I can help.  We will work together to construct a bio-individualized care plan to support your mental health.



Nutrient Dense. Properly Prepared. Real Food.