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Small Intestine.

Small Intestines 

  • 90% of your nutrient absorption occurs in the small intestine. vs. 10% that happens in the stomach+large intestine combined.

  • Your intestinal villi are connected to your capillaries which send nutrients to be assimilated throughout your body via your bloodstream.

Duodenum to Jejunum

Duodenum Processes:

  • Carbohydrates → Glucose Molecules

  • Proteins → Amino Acids and Peptides

  • Fats → Fatty Acids and Glycerol Molecules

Jejunum Processes:

  • Millions of villi and microvilli absorb nutrient molecules into the bloodstream that are dispersed around your entire body.

  • Glucose, amino acids, and short chain fatty acids are carried by capillaries to be processes by the LIVER.

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